The entire world has gone mad and there is nothing that we can do about it?

I hate having to read this all over the internet. From our Facebook statuses to our news headlines – the world is over as we know it. Or is it?
We as Americans, as thoughtful human beings, have arrived at the perfect moment in our history. We’ve been down this road several times throughout history but nothing like it is today. This 24 hour news cycle, in your face social media, tv, from sports games to just taking a stroll down your city sidewalks. Everyone is angry. We are split as a nation right down the middle – on every topic all the way down to the color of the sky each day.
We’ve allowed anger to consume our well-being. But it does not have to be this way.
Divide and conquer. History has shown us that the most powerful of leadership, specifically those in power that gain their strength through oppression have used this tactic as a form of governing. We’ve lost faith in the most essential tool – each other.
Whether it has been because of our faith, the tribal mentality, wealth or poverty level, gender, sexual orientation – it doesn’t matter. These are all superficial characterizations that amount to nothing of any importance.
So, I’ll break this down.
As soon to be Americans, we spent years fighting the British. We demanded our freedoms from a tyrant King who essentially considered all of our ancestors traitors and treasonous. It would take years, decades to see the British finally leave – thousands upon thousands of colonists died fighting for that simple phrase – freedom of oppression.
But, what happened?
Then, our leaders instantly began creating laws, based off of the views of the times. Whether Christianity was the basis or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we still were dictating oppression in the constitution and eventual state laws. Freedom was a limited guarantee for those who were wealthy, white and male.
We began having immigration problems shortly after the constitution. Migrants from across the globe came to the new world in search of freedom from oppression. The first naturalization laws enacted were as early as 1790. The constitution was only a little over a decade old at this point.
Slavery was an essential part of the United States – for a several years even before the U.S. government was established . In fact, legal in all 13 original colonies before our independence. By the time of the Revolutionary War, the states became increasingly divided on the subject – splitting the nation in half. Many of our presidents were slave owners. It took over 100 years to end slavery. It took another 100 years to gain equal rights. And essentially, we’re still fighting a war we don’t understand.
Because, we are afraid of what we do not understand. It’s in our DNA – assimilation or death. Our history has taught us many invaluable things. One lesson should be that we have taken our religions, ideals, and forced them upon people and nations and if they resist we’ve turned around and killed them.
How can I say these things and claim to be a Christian?
Because my faith tells me that we must follow Christ – but acknowledge that we have spent our lives – for centuries since his arrival – doing the opposite of everything that He taught. I believe that as Christians we must take a step back. Look at the big picture. Understand that we have based our existence on the assimilation (conquer or destroy) mentality.
It’s so embedded into our DNA that we actually see conversations trying to define “our Christian beliefs as superior to another sect of Christianity”. It seems absurd that we have to have these conversations – and to think that God would want any of His children into the Kingdom of Heaven while sitting here watching all us damn each other to Hell.
So what seems to be the problem?
Tribal mentality. The idea that we can isolate ourselves with people with common ideals. Then once we have established those tribal members we see everyone else as subclass or disenfranchised. This was an essential part of our prehistoric ancestry – a method of survival. But, we have long since stopped running around with wooden daggers and have learned things like communication and dialog (although, it depends on who you ask). It’s no longer a necessity but a burden.
Conquer and destroy. This method of governing is dangerous. In the last twenty years I have seen this insane number of candidates running on the platform that they best represent only a few, they spout that they will represent all the people and quickly once in office hold their likeness into the highest class. It would be as if a homosexual leader would get elected and the first thing the would do is make being heterosexual illegal. Or, god forbid, a woman who made it illegal for men to get Viagra – something outlandish like that.
Neither current day party has our best interests in mind. We continue to draw party lines in hopes our best interests will be played out. But, it never seems to make a difference who is in charge. The only person that benefits is the man whose hair tends to get more grey each day they enter and leave the Oval Office. Then once they leave office they inherit a constant income, security that we couldn’t even begin to understand, and often times they start selling books or selling their services as a guest speaker.
Their interest in us? None.
We’ve invested too much time allowing big government to dictate our distrust in each other. We’ve allowed hate to rule our thoughts and minds. We’ve allowed our differences to shadow any advancement in society that we’ve made. We’ve done it to ourselves. But we can stop it.
America, essentially, must die. At least, for what we understand as America – The constitution, the boundaries all the way down to the states and flags we salute. Our freedoms mean nothing if we are bound to a government who treats us like infidels. Our heroes, our soldiers who die every day protecting our country – why? If our constitution is not a guarantee for the entire population then what are they protecting?
We need to distance ourselves from leaders who would rather serve their own needs, who believe that a country divided is better than a country united. If we can’t find unity in our leaders, if we are not inspired to be better people – they do not serve us, any of us.
There isn’t a leader in our history that could bring this country back together. Our only hope is that one day our future generations will look back and say, I remember hearing stories of a time where people hated each other so much that they nearly destroyed each other. This is not what we want for our lives. This is not what we want for our future generations”.
This isn’t about being Anti-American. This is about being American. This is about being remorseful for the wrongdoings of people who are too blind to see what it is they are doing to help the divide. This is about stopping the division before it destroys us.
Today, we look at the world and we do not see a world full of allies – but rather, millions upon billions of people who look to our country in fear of what they do not know. They are all scared, as they should be. In just a few short months, we’ve gone from the most powerful country in the world to a country filled with naysayers and crybabies. We’ve disarmed nuclear powers across the world yet some of our biggest threats as enemies maintain those devices. While our leaders shuffle the muck down our throats and throw sand in our eyes – our enemies are taking note. They are recruiting our children. They are helping fuel the fire.
Both sides are right. The enemy will always take advantage of a country in crisis. And, that folks, is a spot in history none of us are ready for.1

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