Russia’s act of war

Facebook has a tendency to bring out the best and worst of our society. You can learn so much about the mood of the general population just by reading the comments and statuses people have posted. 

This past year and a half since Trump became the front runner then president. 

It is clear to me that his hard-right support has gone down significantly – even though part of his campaign slogan (I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any votes) has stood the test of time. He easily has a large support base that I perceive to be quite accurate with that statement. 

The definition of a sociopath is: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. 

If we become numb to the Russian hacking of our election, if we throw away the information and investigation we are telling every country in the world that they have the ability and option to manipulate our election process without consequences. 

At this point, whether we get a straight answer from DJT or the administration should not matter. In fact, trying may be a lost cause because most people have come to the conclusion that his (their) word can not be trusted. 

If and when his new FBI director is confirmed, if this new director ends all efforts of an investigation it will be up to the rest of the intelligence community to figure out where they left off.

Comey made it clear, without a reasonable doubt that Russia infiltrated our election process. What was not clear is who, if anyone in America played a role in that infiltration. 

Russian hack into our election should be viewed as an act of aggression. It should be viewed as an act of war. The hacking of our election process has rocked the foundation of our country. We must do everything in our power to rectify that. There should be zero grounds of cooperation. We do not and should not negotiate with terrorists.

In my best conclusion, if you came to a different mindset, or your view on DJT did not change or even sway, then you have now been classified as a sociopath. 

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