Comey hearings

It took me two days to watch the Comey hearings because of my hectic schedule. I have to admit party politics played it out nearly how anyone would have expected. 

But it wasn’t necessarily the questions but rather the answers that amused me most. I without a doubt believe that even through the misstep of the last minute announcement against Clinton to the hearings on Russia, Comey may indeed be the most patriotic person we have in politics right now. 

His answers were precise. His composure under the circumstances were admirable. Even while many Republicans hoped he would stumble while they pushed and shoved he stood tall. 

The FBI, the men and women who serve under the FBI have a great deal of strength and courage – especially when tackling such a huge and important investigation. Comey believes in the Bureau’s mission and the interim director’s ability to find answers even without Comey being at the helm. 

I heard a great deal of confusion with McCain’s line of questioning. Many of the critics assumed he suffered from dementia or possibly a stroke. When I have watched McCain, even at some of his lowest points in his career, he has made very few missteps of his own. 

Many people assumed after his announcement of making Palin his running mate – many assumed it would be a career ending decision. 
The Republicans went in to these hearings with one mission- to discredit Comey, even though they either suspect Trump’s wrongdoing or know there is more to the story than they willingly understand (directly or indirectly). 

McCain, although considered one of the more moderate Republicans tends to be a purist, with his conservative values. He tends to slide the scale when it comes to some of the more extreme ideas that the Republican Party has pushed.

My suspicion is the Republican leadership gave an ultimatum to eliminate Comey as a threat. 
McCain’s confusion was lost in that message. While I don’t disagree that his questions seemed fuddled I believe he did this on purpose. He knows that even with some of his biggest mistakes the American general population would forgive him just as they have done since his presidential bid. 

My final take-away is quite simple. Comey had some quick thinking, mic-drop moments. His response to the alleged tapes, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes”, calling out Trump and his twitter rants as mindless numbskull moves that only an amateur would dare to make threats so ridiculous. Comey knows that was a failed bluff. If Trump was wiretapping or recording his private meetings that would go against his own wiretapping claim against former president Obama. 

His other mic-drop moment is when he declared that the investigation into Russia’s involvement with the election was a real investigation and was ongoing at the time Comey was terminated. 

Paul Ryan, prior to the hearings made it clear to anyone with a conscience that he knows more than he lets on. He equated DJT’s lack of experience to his many missteps. Unfortunately for Ryan, the American people will not be as forgiving as they will be with McCain.  

While there are many reasons to believe this case will be detrimental to our democracy – the investigation must not be over and must continue until the very last piece of information is turned over. Trump’s nomination for the FBI director post may end the investigation. That does not mean that the entire intelligence community will falter. Here’s to hoping that our top law enforcement agencies respond quickly to this mess that has now been a result of Trump’s mismanagement and abuse of power. 

Impeachment, is only part of he solution. The Republican Party leadership should feel the entire wrath that takes down Trump. I’m just not sure how far down the punishment should go? All the way down to Paul Ryan? Who knows.

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