May I Use the bathroom?

Let me start off by stating that I was born male. I identify as a male. And, for all intent and purposes of this blog posting I am male. 

There are so many conversations going on right now about transgender people that I feel it is important to highlight some of those conversations. Those conversations are quite intense – so, if you don’t want to read my thoughts on the subject here is your exit. 

Two conversations are brought to my attention through Facebook posts. Ben Shapiro makes the argument that the requirement of being a man is specifically only according to your biological makeup and what you are carrying below your waste line. 

For me, growing up as a man, being raised as a man, even I have to see the insanity of that conclusion. If being a man, is only about your biological makeup and the fact that I have a penis – if there are no other exceptions or expectations to manhood, it seems as if we are missing a much larger picture. 

Ben continues his argument with establishing that transgender people suffer from mental illness – gender dysphoria. Let me break that down for you. Have you ever felt that your manhood threatened by a female superior? Have you ever had a sitiution where your manhood was at question because of a relationship? Those personal feelings are part of gender dysphoria. Because if manhood is defined only by biological makeup then the idea or concept of your masculinity being tarnished by the opposite sex is impossible. 

For me, manhood stands for much more than the physical traits I carry. I don’t argue that this is the major point in which it separates man and woman – but I do argue that can’t be the only requirement.

If we breakdown manhood, beyond the biological issue, then what is left? Personally, I call myself a man, but it rarely has to the with the simple fact that I do in fact have the appropriate chromosomes and anatomy. The fact that I even have to break this down is silly to me. My definition doesn’t even require societal approval, but again, I say that with confidence because I know what my anatomy and chromosomes say and how I feel about myself. 

The second conversation, a very real conversation at that leaves the question as to what bathroom people should use. 

Internet blogger and trans-right activists are posting pictures of themselves showing the hypocracy of this bathroom ban. 

Activist Michael Hughes is a transgendered man. He was born female but transitioned to male. He took pictures of himself sharing a women’s bathroom with women. 

So the next argument Ben Shapiro makes is that we shouldn’t have to conform society in accepting their self-perceived identities – accepting their definition deteriorates societal integrity somehow – also public safety. 

I call nonsense. What Ben is really suggesting is that these people should be removed from the public  all together. 

I would be very concerned for the safety and well being of everyone. A transgendered woman (male to female) in a men’s restroom opens the door to violent acts. A female to male transgendered man in the women’s restroom would be open to allowing random cis men (naturally born) in public restrooms. Companies would have to eliminate public restrooms all over the country – and who doesn’t use public restrooms at least once a month? Or once a week?

No. This argument against transgendered people isn’t a solid one. Maybe our understanding of humanity is flawed. We are justified in our own bigotry by belittling a person by establishing blame and mental illness on those we don’t feel fit into our definitions and our small minded beliefs. And, we do not take into consideration that maybe it is our own mistake or mental illness that prevents us from understanding what other people are dealing with. We need to accept that this conversation wasn’t about bathrooms at all, but rather if Transgendered people have the right or ability to live in the society we all share. Frankly, I say yes. So, that should be the end of the conversation. Let’s move on. 

As for Ben, you sir are an idiot. 

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