No Mr. Trump – we will not be silent.

I have discussed the many obstacles minorities are facing in today’s America. But there is one group that even though many of their associations across the country endorsed Donald J. Trump, their misguided optimism will certainly come to the forefront of our society now that Trump has entered the White House.

With a deep racial, political and religious divide in America – Police officers are working the streets in conditions that seem (if you read in the newspapers or turn on your tv, or even open your newsfeed on Facebook) increasingly dangerous. But what has actually caused this? Half the country (or at least many Trump supporters) would like to claim race is the biggest threat. The other half of the country would like to think that it’s all about rogue officers.

2016 – we saw many allegations of police brutality cases and the same time we counted a number of police officers killed in the line of duty giving us a total higher than the previous five years combined. But what the media and the general population is missing is that relations and approval ratings for the overall police force in the country is at an all time high. This is due to many factors that no one is addressing. Public relations and outreach groups from Inner cities, police departments and groups representing minorities are helping to bring positivity to an ever divided country.

So, if race isn’t the issue and police officers aren’t the issue what is it that we are all missing? The public is reacting to each story – almost as quickly as they fill into their newsfeeds on Facebook. When we dissect the problem in this way it becomes a clear picture – those in government leadership roles (the lawmakers) are to blame. Police officers do not create the laws but are only servants to those laws at the will of our government leadership.

Which brings me back to Donald J. Trump and the Republican governed states. The problem with Trump’s plan is that for police efforts to “stabilize” police officers would need to be militarized. Within the past few days several states (Republican Governors) are taking those first steps with state legislation that legalizes shoot-to-kill stances, protections for civilians and police officers – so that if they kill someone they will not be held liable under certain circumstances. North Dakota, specifically is trying to criminalize public protests and are going as far as if someone (citizen or police officer) kills a protester they are protected from criminal and civil law.

History has shown us that the military and police forces cannot be merged. They have separate duties and responsibilities to our nation. Equally as important but totally different entities. When lawmakers create laws that endanger our citizens we are allowing them to create a more hostile environment for not only our society but those that are protecting it. It goes against all of humanity and has never, in the history of our planet has militarized police forces worked to better a society.

Do I think the lawmakers have our best interests? No. Ask the holocaust survivor how they remember the police officers who served their communities then turned Nazi’s and joined Hitler’s movement – militarized police officers were responsible for the operations behind the Holocaust death camps.

Do I think that lawmakers have police officers best interest? No. With our democracy and social structure so unstable, creating more laws and regulations raises the threat of retaliation to proportions we haven’t even imagined yet.
And, lastly, I ask my friends and family to keep police officers in your thoughts and prayers. Reach out to your local governments, state legislators and congressional representatives and senators – ask them not to pass these laws. Ask them to protect the constitution, and do not allow the federal government to militarize our police forces.

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