Brave New World

As the election turns out there were more angry people in America than I had ever anticipated. I’ve seen a lot of downright awful posts – everything from the world is ending to suggestions of mass genocide. How did we ever become so divided that we believe that one specific group should dictate the fate of all of humanity?

After getting several threatening emails, text messages, and private messages on Facebook, I cranked up the security on my personal profile page and considered just shutting off the debates permanently. My response to what took place earlier today (Sunday – 11/13/2016) was as follows (Disclaimer: I’m leaving out the first sentence in the post because of adult language):

So, I am officially pulling out of political conversation. As for those of you that I didn’t block or report (or both) – I still hold faith that America is better than Donald J. Trump. I believe it because I know that actions speak louder than words. I hold faith that even in the deepest crevices that there are good people, loving people, and kind people. I did before Trump and I will after Trump is long gone.

I hold faith that the America I know is home to men, women and children – from every walk of life. And, I believe that we should embrace our differences instead of fearing them. This country was founded on the basis that all men are created equal and granted the pursuit of life, liberty and justice. And I believe that when the time comes, we have found peace with our maker whomever you choose to worship or not.

I also believe that there are people out there that are angry and on both sides. Maybe misguided, but no less angry. The world filled with hurt and misplaced anger. If we aren’t careful the world will continue to spiral out of control and into the abyss. That warning is for both sides not just one.

History has shown us what supreme powers can do when good people are silent. I remember one woman, from my youth, who lived in a concentration camp in Hitler’s Germany. The scars were deep. It wasn’t just about a simple number being tattooed to her body. While some of the Jewish people resisted, the Nazis and Hitler were too strong and overpowered them. Most of the resistance was forgotten. There are also those who claim that the holocaust never occurred.

I have heard people preach about the checks and balances. I have heard the votes didn’t matter and she would have still lost no matter the outcome. The one thing you are correct on is that none of this matters.

We must continue to talk about these issues. We must acknowledge that we have all added to the complications of this election. Both sides are guilty, and at times even I. No one is free of guilt. All of us are feeling the anxiety from this election.

Our fears misguided – we have many enemies and some that we don’t even know their faces or the color of their skin. But it is not the terrorists that are our greatest enemy. Our greatest enemy is the path that we are choosing now. I can hear the words of my mother now, that bullies gain momentum by knowing that you are upset. Our enemies are becoming more and more powerful – day by day – minute by minute – because of the disarray in our great country.

We must reach out to our brothers and sisters, those that differ from our own religions, our own nationalities, our sexual preferences, and our political affiliations. We owe it to each other and our future generations.

May God Bless the United States of America and all of her people. May God Bless and protect all of you.

You might be asking yourself what led up to the harassment. I’ll admit, I like many of the millions of Facebook users, posted articles and links to the many articles perpetuating Donald J. Trump as a bafoon.  (since I am not working in journalism per say at this time I don’t mind sharing my political stance with you all) 

Not that I am looking to open a political debate, I just felt that it was necessary to explain my reasoning for posting such a post on my personal profile. From my experience debating religion and politics never leads to changed minds only hurt feelings and more distrust than what was before the debate.

So, you might ask why I chose the moon as my photograph to share with this specific post. It’s simple. Both the reason and the moon. We forget how small we are in the universe. Our problems are always blown out of proportion. Look up at the night sky when the sky is full of stars. Whether it is the afterlife or possible life on other planets, there is an infinite amount of problems and solutions. Let’s make our solution peace and resolve during this time of the unknown.

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