Bella – August 2009 to October 2016


This isn’t how I wanted to start this blog – by writing something sad. I wanted to tell you all about my passion for photography, the different places and images I have captured with my camera. But sometimes life works in mysterious ways.

My parents own a pizza restaurant in Monticello, Ind. When I work for them I stay at their house because my apartment is pretty far away. Honestly, I spend most of my free time on my parents farm helping with the animals. Yesterday, it started off very normal and routinely. I got up and fed the last two animals – Fritz and Nike, the old farm cat and the Umbrella Cockatoo. I could hear the chickens and Bella barking as usual.

I left and went up to the restaurant. I took a nap on the couch before I went to work at two. My mother called my step-dad, who was working with me at the restaurant to tell him that she had found Bella deceased. Bella had crawled into her dog house as if to take a short nap.

Bella was a giant puppy. Never really showed signs of slowing down. Was happiest when she was wandering the field or chasing squirrels and coons!

She never knew her true size. Charlie reminded me of the times we spent by the campfire and how she would slowly push herself into your chair and onto your lap – if you let her.

It wasn’t too long after we had gotten her that we found Marley, the dog that we rescued in the middle of the harsh winter. Marley and Bella would run wild – as she knew best. It was her free spirit that taught Bella how to live.

It is always amazing to think of all the things you can learn from your pets. Even though she was my parent’s dog, I spent a lot of time with Bella. From cuddling her in front of the wood burning stove, to long winter nights on the farm, to playing catch in the back yard.

Marley was killed, hit by a car driving past our family farm. I was quite worried for Bella’s safety because she had taken on so much of Marley’s personality.

Thankfully, Bella never really chased after cars.

Years have passed since Marley left us. Bella was the giant puppy that wouldn’t hurt anyone – unless you were a cat or wild animal. ha.

Last night was hard. We buried our good friend next to Marley, Duke, and Copper. All the dogs that we have had since we lived on the farm.

My parents are thankful that it doesn’t appear that she suffered and even though we suspect that it was stomach torsion, it doesn’t appear that she was in a lot of pain. She looked as if she had laid down to rest.

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